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Deer, Detail

Heart rate, mule deer: sleeping, 72 bpm; standing, 86 bpm; walking, 102 bpm; running, 155bpm; after hearing wolf howls, 265 bpm.

Sky Piece

The word adjective (epitheton in Greek) is itself an adjective meaning ‘placed on top’, ‘added’, ‘appended’, ‘foreign’. Adjectives seem fairly innocent additions, but look again. These small imported mechanisms are in charge of attaching everything in the world to its place in particularity. They are the latches of being. — Anne Carson

…no one knows how this sentence will end in a dream with a lyric sky. — Brenda Hillman

Sky, Detail

How lonely is the evening sun
A brief bridge between the mountains.
— Fujiwara no Teika

(Words excerpted from witness accounts by Akihiro Takahashi; Yoshitaka Kawamoto)

Grass, Detail

(Piano, cello, voice, collected sounds)
Singers sing the vowels, although I’m not sure Hank would have talked about it that way.
From “grass,” æ, a low vowel. Below it, ə, the darker vowel.

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