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About Blinking Ephemeral Valentine:

“In these poems, the valentine (i.e., love) is a many-faceted metaphoric machine that is endlessly active–forever drag racing with the dark–after which it sputters, clangs, trails off, goes out, and returns to post itself like a “shadow pterodactyl….” These poems are brilliant: the language is excited, the syntax ever-shifting, the images inventive. Every line feels irrefutable, and charged–electric, like love is, and glittery, like valentines are.”
– Mary Jo Bang

From Library Journal, What Else is Hot List:

“The very title of Joni Wallace’s Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry winner (Blinking Ephemeral Valentine. Four Way. 68p. ISBN 9781935536093. pap. $15.95) suggests that she’s inventive, but despite her brief, packed lines and off-kilter word choices, her poems don’t knot up. And she’s accessible too (“indelible horses/from your lips a whorl, a vellum soliloquy of stops/and sirens bowl down.”) Another favorite line: “You drive, you are miles more dangerous.” That’s the whole of Part 5 of the poem Eclipse, Eclipse.”

Library Journal, 4/7/2011

From Rattle:

Reading this volume, sometimes I felt like I was in a theater, watching a beautifully conceived and executed animation…Wallace’s mothers could be H.D. and Gertrude Stein; her poet-sister Harryette Mullen.
– Ellen Miller-Mack, Rattle

From Water-Stone Review:

There’s no way to read these poems without responding to their dazzle…Voice and language are alive, elusive, allusive too, stirring the subject, stirring the reader.
– Stan Sanvil Ruben

From Austin Chronicle:

Blinking Ephemeral Valentine reads like an x-ray text of modern love.

From Tucson Weekly, Book Feature:

I could spend all day listening to Wallace’s sweet interior nothings. You should, too.

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